AFLAM Media Production and distribution has the honor to cooperate with all media Houses inside or outside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to implement part or all of their business or offer support services including :
  • Photo and Video Shooting.

Professional team with highly experienced creating and molding a very good composition framing and meaningful images. Shooting video also one of assets in creating meaningful stories incorporated with sets of standards angles and creative composition using High Difinition Video camera and luxurious lenses.

  • Documentary Filming.

A documentary film is a nonfictional motion picture intended to document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction or maintaining a historical record. Such as celebrations, ceremony and any events.

  • Aerial Shooting.
Aerial shooting is the taking of photographs or filming captured by low flying aerial platforms that integrate Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and automated image processing.Usually using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Mounted with cameras may be triggered remotely or automatically.
  • Live Broadcasting.
Live broadcasting, which refers to content delivered live over the a big screen, requires a form of source media (e.g. a video camera, an audio interface, screen capture software), an encoder to digitize the content) 2 or 3 camera are used with all the angles focus, wide and moving switching each other through using of video mixer.
  • 2D & 3D Designing

Are graphics that use a three-dimensional representation of geometric data (often Cartesian) that is stored in the computer for the purposes of performing calculations and rendering 2D images. Such images may be stored for viewing later or displayed in real-time.

  • Professional Photo Album Printing

Capture your favorite moments and memories by creating your custom object, photo album, photo book bound with highest quality standards for paper and printing.